NUBWO G06 Review: Comfortable Wireless Headset for Gamers and Music Lovers

The NUBWO G06 headset is the most versatile headset we’ve tested so far. With superior comfort, a sturdy build quality, a fantastic microphone, and superb sound quality, it has everything that a gamer could want — and more.

Not only is it perfect for gaming but you can also wear it while you listen to music or watch a movie on your PC or laptop. In this review we tell you what we liked and didn’t like about the NUBWO G06 and give our recommendation whether you should buy it or not.

Introduction to NUBWO G06

The responsive ear buttons take the guesswork out of game-changing sound volume and the ability to pinpoint precise targeting of mic volume is so sensitive you can talk to people without missing a beat. The large angled ear cups mean comfortable, long listening sessions and the Gen 2 wired design lets you effortlessly switch between digital and analog sound.

All the technology packed into one stylish and feature-packed headset is what you need to immerse yourself in your favorite gaming sound.

These headphones were designed in partnership with award-winning headphone engineer Amirk Athawani, founder of SteelSeries, and feature a custom MixAmp 3.0 equalization system. With access to original MixAmp ear pads, balanced driver drivers, and superior audio signal processing, SteelSeries engineers were able to craft a sound that will perfectly blend with any game or listening environment.

What We Liked about NUBWO G06?

The product is amazing. It is a very nice compact powder foundation that gives you full coverage. The compact is sleek and has a great mirror. It is very high quality for the price. It is the perfect size to throw in your purse or bag.

The main gameplay about the headset is its comfort level. After using many gaming headsets before, I’ve found the majority of them to be either unacceptably heavy or nearly impossible to hold for long periods of time.

The weight of this headset isn’t bad, but it is another thing you have to keep track of in your gaming setup. So far, I’ve only had a slight headache after extended periods of use. Additionally, even with the massive wings on the headset, the frame is small enough that I don’t feel like I’m going to get a hot spot any time soon.

As for positioning, reading the positioning chart isn’t too important, but you shouldn’t be blocking the outside world by accident.


It is a very small circle, but the side that sticks out a bit from your face when you’re using it and the other in-line with your ears is what you want to get exposed to during gameplay.

Needless to say, this headset should be placed with the outside facing in to keep a nice seal. When using in seated position on your desk, you won’t have any issues with sound leakage. The G06 offers balanced sound signature with rich bass and a more relaxed treble.

The mic is a little bit too sensitive at times for my personal tastes as a result of the noise gate issues, but it’s probably more audible than the other more expensive headsets that feature a mic with this much sensitivity.

On songs with deep bass, the sound of the bass really comes alive. It makes the music sound more powerful and sounds more realistic. You can actually feel the bass hit your ears and you feel the energy in the music. It is super cool and immersive.

What We Didn’t Like about NUBWO G06?

There are two things we didn’t like about this product. First, some of the tips provided are only relevant to people who live in America. Some of the tips, e.g. how to get a job in the US, are only useful to people who live there. Second, some of the tips provided are not actionable.Thus you can’t use them if you are looking for specific advice.

The first thing we liked about the G06 is that it’s a good mainstream product that doesn’t try too hard. The Kaira Pro and its larger cousin the Kaira Pro 2 are still among the best options if you want incredible audio quality.

However, the G06 offers a much better choice if you want a headset that fits nicely in your hands, is affordable, and has a great mic. You will be hard pressed to find a more versatile product in this price range.

Gaming-Tuned drivers

This headset uses gaming-tuned drivers and is certified by the EU. The use of active noise cancelling, along with a comfortable clamp, make it perfect for long gaming sessions and for wearing for movie watching.

The aluminum frame is simple but it’s easy to feel comfortable. The headband pad is thick enough to provide some good comfort but not so thick that it becomes uncomfortable after long sessions.

The foldable ear pads allow a little extra wear and tear which can make them sound a little hollow during use. Fortunately, these pads can easily be replaced as long as the exterior foam remains in good condition.

The COBB G1 wireless gaming headset works with Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. Once you connect your PC to your home WiFi network and pair your console to the Bluetooth LE dongle, you can start listening right away to the enormous sound quality you will get from this affordable package.

Comfort Unlike some wireless gaming headsets, the G06 doesn’t have a sleek and minimalist design. Instead, this Sony headset has a basic industrial design with a metal headband, basic carrying bag, and three small permanently attached microphones.

Should You Buy NUBWO G06?

The NUBWO G06 headphones come in a basic test package consisting of the headset, USB receiver, USB cable, and a nice charging stand (we have a different version of this stand with the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 in stock that sells for $40).

The headset is quite light and comfortable to wear for long periods. Due to its design, it’s virtually impossible to accidentally knock off the top portion of the ear cup when turned upside down.

Otherwise, the headset has a remarkable sturdy feel in the hands. It has excellent ear pads which are much more spacious than those offered on the cheaper Stealth 700 models.


They’ve got generous openings for your ears to breathe in an even amount of air. On the microphone you’ll find a fast and accurate capsule and “Impedance Compensation” switches for adjusting both the microphone gain and the mic noise isolation.

Sound quality is clean and clear with no noticeable distortion at low to mid frequencies. Here you can also see the happy hunting cry our test tester had as we recorded his voice.

The base cable uses a standard 3.5mm connector but sports a nice 5-pole connector on the other end (so it works with other products that use standard 3.5mm connectors as well like the Switchblade Stealth 1000). The inline swivel on this cable makes it easy to rotate the headset around and you won’t hate yourself for it. Aside from the somewhat ordinary overall build and a basic color scheme, there’s not much here that doesn’t live up to the standard of other other popular gaming products.


The NUBWO G06 is a fantastic headset that’s perfect for gamers and music lovers alike. If you’re looking for a gaming headset that just works well, this is it!


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