SteelSeries Arctis 3 Wired Review: A Solid Gaming Headset for Gamers on a Budget

If you haven’t heard of the SteelSeries Arctis headsets, don’t feel too bad. It’s not necessarily a household name in the gaming peripheral world, but that may be about to change soon. With its latest release, the Arctis 3, it aims to appeal to those looking for a solid entry-level gaming headset that won’t break the bank. The SteelSeries Arctis 3 is available in both wired and wireless versions. We will be reviewing the wired version here today. Let’s get started!

Introduction to SteelSeries Arctis 3

SteelSeries has been around for a long time. The company began its namesake and production of audio gear back in 1983 and hasn’t slowed down since.

They have been involved in several high profile partnerships, including one with Logitech. In 2017, they acquired a mix of audio component manufacturers, such as Gravitas Audio, that should help to bolster their lineup.

SteelSeries is based in Germany and has a presence in more than 50 countries. They currently have several high-end product models to choose from including the Arctis Pro 3, Arctis Pro Wireless, and a new Arctis Pro 3 Bluetooth.

According to SteelSeries, their Arctis models are designed for PC gaming, with precise mission-critical measurements and a state-of-the-art regimen of testing. A quick look at their website shows that the Arctis 3 is fairly compact and doesn’t take up a ton of space in your console.

The headset is a mostly matte black aluminum construction with basic hardware features including a detachable mic, an XLR-based connection, and basic battery and adjustment controls. If you purchase through the SteelSeries online store, they include a nice canvas bag in the box.

The bag features premium suede fabric, a USB charging cable, and quick-release ear pads. Inside the bag, you’ll find the headset and accessories, as well as a fluffy key chain and a small SteelSeries swag bag.

The headset has a solid weight to it, with a solid headband that should offer good space for comfort. The ear pads have dense foam padding and offer real soft suspension. SteelSeries software is used for everything from basic EQ settings to updating firmware and setting up game profiles.

In order to connect to the internet and store game settings, you will first need to download the SteelSeries Engine software.

The Arctis 3 Wired is a high-quality, affordable gaming headset

The Arctis 3 Wired is a great headset for PC gamers who are on a budget. It has a retractable mic, which makes it easy to use the headset for gaming and listening to music.

This headset is designed for PC gamers who don’t want to break the bank but still want a great gaming experience.Due to the lower quality drivers, it doesn’t feature any type of noise cancelling, which can be good news for those who regularly put them in their ears.

The SteelSeries Arctis 3 Wireless uses a new Bluetooth 5.0 chip, which should sound very good if you’re looking to use the headset wirelessly when your PC is not connected to the internet. It offers the same great microphone performance as the wired version, but many have complained about the passive cancellation on wired headsets in the past, causing a loud popping noise which can turn some people off completely.

However, it offers that same breakthrough active noise cancelling performance that the Arctis 3 has in wired mode. That means that cancelling out ambient noise is much more reliable in wireless mode than it was with wired headphones.

The cable itself is detachable, making the Arctis 3 much easier to use than earlier Revolver models, and so it should be a reliable long-term solution if you plan on using the headset often while away from an internet connection.

The Arctis 3 has a basic light inside, located on the right side of the headband. It’s not very bright, and it doesn’t permeate through the padding inside the ear cups to produce visible light. It also doesn’t offer any manual calibration options, but SteelSeries continues to include a natural sound signature in their headsets.

That means bass response is more emphasized, and mids and treble are a little bit more withdrawn than the conservative studio-inspired sound signature SteelSeries is known for. It has a simple three button layout, and all of the physical controls are placed on the wireless mode button.

Sound quality and microphone performance

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Arctis 3 before and now

Changes & upgrades For the past few years we’ve had slight upgrades to SteelSeries headsets, with users generally happy with these improvements. The Arctis 3 is no different, other than a new headband, that some users will find off-putting. The headband of the Arctis 3 is made from a more rubbery material, and this should prove comfortable to a certain majority of users.

This headband material is good quality plastic and is the same material you see on their gaming headsets. It is a small upgrade compared to the metal headbands used on other Arctis models. SteelSeries have now supported Dolby Headphone since version 2.0.

The older version 2.0 used a software decoder to guess what the file you wanted to send to the back end was, possibly resulting in a harsh crackle playback. These days, the audio signal is sent directly through the speaker drivers.

Build quality and comfort

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All of the Arctis 3 models include a removable microphone for use while working from home. While not everyone needs this, the ability to take the mic with you when you leave the house, make sure you never miss a crucial meeting, is excellent.

Learn more about how to set this up in the official product description here. From SteelSeries themselves: The Arctis Pro Wireless is designed to work flawlessly with the optional Arctis Smart Headset, to deliver premium audio quality and reliability in a stunning new look.

Wireless headset Arctis 3

The multi-platform wireless headset offers a wide range of virtual 7.1 surround sound modes and high quality hi-res support. It also supports PC audio with R REAL and the new multi-platform SHP9610 microphone for improved in-game chat quality and convenience, resulting in clear, natural voice quality and clear AR/VR communication.

The Arctis Pro Wireless offers basics like Active Noise Cancellation, SonicSpace, and built-in USB DAC support, but those features are further refined over the Arctis Pro 2 model. Then again, the hardware here is essentially identical between the two models.

Overall, Arctis 3 is a great gaming headset for the gamers on a budget.


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